Are digital high definition lenses right for me?


Glasses, Sun Glasses, Vision | October 12, 2011

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Amazingly sharp images with HD lens technology

Did you know that there are higher-order aberrations that can affect your vision, even if your prescription eyeglasses fully correct your special ophthalmic prescription needs? Well eye Drs have known for years that there are aberrations due to the optical characteristics of your eyes and often more from the optical limitations of conventional eyeglass lenses. The frustrating issue for an optometrist was that there was no ideal lens treatment or process that could either solve or reduce such aberrations. Drs knew many patients just did not see as well as they could but there was nothing Drs could due because of the limitations in eyeglass lens fabrication technology.

Times have changed now and recent advances in eyeglass lens manufacturing have made possible new high-definition digital eyeglass lenses that correct these aberrations, potentially giving a patient sharper vision than what was ever possible with conventional eyeglasses. These lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all lighting conditions, provide wider progressive lens corridors, keep the prescription optically true over a much wider zone in the lens and reduce glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

Many brands of high-definition eyeglass lenses currently are available today, including high-definition versions of high-index lenses and progressive lenses.

Digital lens surfacing is six times more accurate than conventional lens processing because the new digital surfacing equipment uses less tooling and has direct contact with the lens enabling a high degree of accuracy. The analogy can be just like a digital camera. The higher pixal count yields a higher degree of resolution. When this happens as you have seen in your digital camera images, you get this amazing crisp image. So this is the same experience with the HD digital ophthalmic lenses today. The result is a very highly defined vision along with and unmatched depth and clarity never before possible. In the case of progressive addition lenses fabricated using the digital technology get ready for a refreshing change because of a 20% wider progressive field of view. From personal experience I know it makes for exceptional intermediate and near working ranges exceeding the conventional options. I am getting the benefit right now with my new digital lenses I am wearing. It really makes reading and computer use so much more comfortable and enjoyable; my eyes just get less tired with near visual tasks.

So wow! I can really appreciate the HD lenses wider, sharp and true optical zone and the crispness of detail is an awesome experience. You owe it to yourself to investigate this option the next time you fill your new eyeglass presciption.

Please ask your optometrist if these new lenses are right for your eyes.

To your eye health,

Dr Vincent Facchiano

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