Contact Lens

Rockford-area contact lens wearers will be glad to know that our clinic specializes in contact lenses of all types for both medical, optical and cosmetic needs. We can provide expert care on how to make contact wearing enjoyable and comfortable with lenses that will fit any type of eye condition imaginable, even contacts that gently shape the eye at night, to free wearers from corrective prescriptions.

Our doctors have access to all the latest contact lenses from companies such as Vistakon, Ciba, CooperVision and Baush and Lomb. We can fit patients with popular brands or with specialized lenses that meet very specific needs.

Contact lens patients will spend time with technicians and doctors after their comprehensive eye exam for a complete contact fitting. We will then schedule a one week check-up for new wearers to make sure their eyes are looking and feeling their best.

The Contact Lens Center

Dr. Facchiano and Associates Contact Lens Center has over 1,000 lenses in stock. Most patients can wear lenses home on their first visit. For added convenience, you can call and order your contacts through our direct ship programs or online thorough our e-system (please call to register).

We offer a variety of contact lenses, including contacts to enhance appearance (color), contacts that fit the unique shape of eyes (torics for astigmatism), contacts to suit changing vision needs (bifocals), gas permeable and contact lenses that change the shape of your cornea while you sleep. Corneal Refractive Therapy contact lenses, (CRT) can reduce nearsightedness with gentle corneal bracing each night so that you can see clearly throughout the day without corrective contacts or glasses. For more information about CRT lenses, the FAQ page from manufacturer Paragon is a great place to begin.

Dr Facchiano and his staff offers Rockford,contact lens eye care for both medical and optical conditions. For the latest in contact lens news and care products or to learn how new technology can benefit you, catch the latest headline news about contacts.